What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that fully or partially covers an individual's medical and surgical expenses. It's an agreement between you and your insurance company, where for an annual premium, the insurer pays for your hospitalization and other medical expenses as mentioned in your policy.


Benefits of Health Insurance:

  • Life is uncertain and health issues may occur anytime, thereby creating a financial burden for the insured’s family to arrange for finances at short notice or no notice at all
  • Keeps you financially prepared well in advance, despite rising expenses of medical treatments and hospitalization
  • Offers financial protection against most expenditures associated with health and medical treatments
  • The insured can focus on speedy recovery, while the insurance company takes care of the incurred expenses

Best Features of Health Insurance:

  • Pre-hospitalization expenditures
  • Post-hospitalization expenditures
  • Day Care Procedures
  • AYUSH Treatment
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Check-ups
  • Emergency Evacuation

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Health insurance companies offer a wide range of policies, tailor-made to suit the unique health requirements of their customers.

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